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Become a Host
Congregation or Home


Safe Harbors Network is launching a new Hosting Program which is open to congregations and homes.


Each HOST ORGANIZATION & HOME crafts its own Memorandum of Agreement with Safe Harbors, specifying what they can and cannot do, such as: how many immigrants it may host or sponsor, for how long, and what services it can and cannot provide


We are asking that compassionate people open their homes to 1-2 residents for up to 3 months. Interviews for potential hosts, along with training will be provided to those interested.


Our mission for our new Hosting Program is to expand our hospitality services and further enable immigrants and asylum seekers to obtain the resources they need to become fully self-sufficient.


One of the most valuable resources our community can provide is housing. 


We need your help and support so our hosting program becomes the success we know it can be!


  • Monthly Support & Information Meeting 

  • Mentor Insight from Past Hosts

  • One-on-One Communication with Hosting Program Liaison & Director

  • Conversation Topic Resource List

  • Common Characteristics of Asylum Seekers Information Sheet

  • Guide for Communicating with Limited English Speakers

(Except in extreme circumstances, hosts are not given a stipend for the asylum seeker’s expenses.)


Home Hosting Qualifications


In order to guarantee a pleasant and rewarding experience for both the hosts and the residents we have outlined some requirements and expectations.



  • Host must be able to provide a safe and comfortable environment.

  • Host’s house should be near public transportation.

  • Hosts must commit to hosting for up to 3 months.

  • Host must be able to provide a private room (for one or two people).

  • Host must be able to provide some food, including one communal meal a week.

  • Host must provide basic toiletries.

  • Hosts must pass a simple background vetting checkup (non-financial).



  • Host are expected to work at building a relationship and cultural exchange with the residents.

  • Host are expected to attend a monthly meeting. 

  • Host will help as little as possible to help support the development of self-sufficiency.

  • Host do not have to provide transportation.

  • Host do not give money to their residents.

  • Hosts do not help residents with their legal case.

  • Host do not need to know where residents are at all times.

  • Host do not need to help residents find housing after their stay. (But may help if they wish)

  • Residents will not consume any drugs or alcohol. Host must be sensitive to this.

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